The Gerbert d'Aurillac School

Montessori School

A short introduction...

The Gerbert d’Aurillac School is an independant, bilingual Montessori pre-school and elementary school in Boulogne-Billancourt, and is registered with the Académie de Versailles.

The school is on a human scale and is located within a large house, with spacious classrooms that let in lots of light. There is a recreational garden with trees and a vegetable garden, which meet a child’s essential need of being in contact with nature.

Your Montessori Boulogne-Billancourt school is open to everyone whatever their nationality, culture, social background or beliefs, as long as the families respect the school’s spirit and values.

For those who wish, the school can offer a Rite of catholic initiation, with an introduction to the catechesis of the Good Shepherd, developed by Sofia Cavalletti, Maria Montessori.


"You always can"

This could have been said by this monk who was from lowly beginnings, born before 1000 and who became the Pope known as Sylvester II. Gerbert d’Aurillac was a scholar and learned man and an all-round humanist, way before the Renaissance : teacher, philosopher, diplomat, subtle politician and brilliant mathematician. He played a major part in the resurgence of science and politics in the West during the Middle Ages.


This is the saying of Gerbert d’Aurillac School



Our ambition is to provide a space where children can live and learn: learning that is open to the world and where children enjoy learning and discovering new things, where they can affirm their personality and blossom, a school which develops self-confidence and self-worth.



The school draws essentially on the Montessori method but also on the latest research in neurocognitive science and educational science. It does not hesitate to use other sources to hone its educational method and adapt to the learning profile of each child.


Art and culture

Nature as well as music and art hold a special place within our project, designed for overall and harmonious development of the personality of today’s children, in the hope of encouraging their full potential and building autonomy and responsibility of the adult citizens they will become tomorrow.


Our values

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The team

Montessori School in Boulogne-Billancourt

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The educational team is currently working on an educational project which is of high importance for the school’s founders. This is managed by two qualified and experienced professionals. A Clinical Psychologist Director DESS, specialised in educational psychology and a Montessori deputy educational director (AMI qualified and State Diploma of Educating young children) share more than 20 years common experience within a Montessori school.

Continuous thought and feedback on professional practices means that the project can be honed through systematic educational dialogue. This teamwork is a fundamental element so everyone can work together coherently with the child and family to ensure we deliver continuity in your child’s education.

Behind the project: Anne et Pierre BAELEN, the founders

Anne et Pierre Baelen

As parents of 3 children and sensitive to educational issues, we wanted to provide children with a school where they can be happy, and with a method that respects and stimulates them.

Our school is an association; its first goal is the education and well-being of children. If its aim is to be able to be financially autonomous quickly, it is not looking to make a profit.