Montessori school at Boulogne-Billancourt

Pre-school & primary school

Open Day on 23 March from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Located on the banks of the Seine in an ideal environment, the independent Montessori Gerbert d’Aurillac primary  School is in a large house with its own garden at 51 quai Alphonse le Gallo in Boulogne Billancourt.

blason école Gerbert d'Aurillac
école Montessori maternelle et primaire

The school welcomes children aged 3 to 10 years (from nursery to CM2 included).

In time, the school will have 3 classes: the 3-6 age group, the 6-9 age group (CP, CE1 CE2) and the 8-11 age group ( CM1, CM2).

These mixed age groups which follow the Montessori method means that children can develop at their own pace and this encourages children to help each other and to cooperate.

The Particularities of your Montessori School

Ecole Gerbert d'Aurillac Montessori Boulogne

A recreational garden with trees where children can safely play and relax.

Large, bright classrooms completely fitted out to provide a suitable, rich and stimulating environment.

A studio which opens directly onto the garden and is a comfortable area, ideal for reading (there is a large library at their fingertips), for playing music or learning board games.

An educational garden to discover, experiment and learn with patience and by observation, learning by handling the causes and effects of how a garden grows.

A bilingual school

We provide a bilingual French-English environment from the youngest age, thanks to the presence of two full-time English teachers in the school

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All round education

We place importance on cultural and artistic awakening and on activities about discovering the world as well as developing soft skills : learning to be tolerant and to cooperate

An eco-school

Environmental education : We teach children from an early age about the environment and sustainable development through everyday activities: gardening, a partially organic canteen, selective sorting, educational outings, etc

enfants en forêt
Parabole du Bon Berger avec des personnages

Rite of Catholic Initiation

The school identifies itself with Christian and Catholic values and proposes an initiation based in part on the Good Shepherd catechesis developed by Sofia Cavalletti, herself inspired by Montessori principles

Our commitments

We give each child a comprehensive education.

We encourage communication between parents and teachers based on mutual trust and respect.

We promote teaching where the child is put first and we welcome families and children from a wide range of backgrounds thanks to an income-based tuition-fees scale

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51 quai Alphonse Le Gallo

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